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Meh. [Nov. 27th, 2006|07:09 pm]
No point now in the help, I gave up trying. Yeah...oh well, time to spend about another hour and 45 mins here doing nothing.

On the upside, she let me take the extra credit home to work on over the week, as I mentioned, I have this class one time in a week, when I would like it for 2 days and in the morning.
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Programming is teh sucks! [Nov. 27th, 2006|06:40 pm]
[Current Location |Palm Bay BCC, room 319 lol]
[mood |pissed offpissed off]

Well, given the fact I have the worse teacher alive.

She doesn't seem to care at all. So like everyone failed, well not everyone like 2 people passed, but anyways. She gave us a makeup test outta nowhere, talk about unfair and unprepared. Dumbass she is. I don't know what I'm doing as it is, cause well, I can't say I learned anything from this class. She doesn't offer help, nor will she help you, she doesn't show examples which would help ALOT if you ask me, and well, it would've been nice to know that a makeup test was gonna happen today. Right now, I'm left in the dark, sitting here in class trying to figure what the fuck I'm doing, when I have no idea period >=( . I bet if I were to ask for help, I won't get it, because, its a fucking test. I don't give two shits. Thats why I'm taking this class again, with a better teacher. And instead of taking it 1 day, its gonna be 2 and in the morning, which I prefere. I hate nights, as thats when I don't care to learn anymore. I was the unlucky one to get Basics to Programming at night, with a teacher, you can't understand one bit.

Ok well, I'm done ranting on how much I hate my programming teacher. If anyone knows something of programming, and would like to help NOW...heres your question.

Write a pseudocode to accept ten integers from the user and store them into a one dimensional.
Use a DO loop to input the values.

Someone help me now.
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Back together. And just some random update. [Nov. 7th, 2006|11:15 pm]
My ex and I are back together, despite having some issues to work out, I think this'll will work. I just hope no flop will happen again, as it has several times.

Yes, we both have things to work out, but likewise, I think we'll manage.
And I hope it doesn't snap and end awful like last time.

Anywho, wish us luck again, and this time, I hope it works out way better. Cause I know it can. Just needs work, which over the years, will get worked out.

Other then that, I'm back baby. And this relationship will work out better then before. I know it, so does she.

I have no further updates, cause I'm just good like that.

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Ok, Konami I'll give you a chance! [Oct. 19th, 2006|01:13 pm]
Despite my outburst last time, I will give Konami a chance, and will hope they won't ruin ITG3. From what I've read, they only did this to rid the competition.
So, I'm assuming Roxorgames still owns the game, just can't sell as a Roxorgames product but as a Konami.

From what people think. Konami will or might, leave it alone as the DDR usa mix.

Lets hope they just don't ruin it. Thats all I care about, that ITG stays the way Roxorgames made it as. Again, thats all I care.

I'm done talking about this lawsuit settlement now. Its getting crazy anyways, and no one knows the true future of the game as of yet.

Now to watch and see what will unfold for the ITG Brand.
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Konami sucks! [Oct. 18th, 2006|11:27 pm]
[mood |pissed offpissed off]

Thats right, and I don't care if any DDR fan person sees this.
Konami can just drop dead.

Why you ask.

Well, over a period of a week, Roxorgames was "Acquired" by an Unknown company. Guess who that company was.

(insert evil music here)


Those idiots, bought the rights to ITG and everything about it.
So those expecting an ITG3, don't count on it. Konami will either never do it, because, well, they hate us anyways, look at Supernova for an example, or they'll ruin it and make it suck by taking out USB card support, and all the goodies, and loading it with Naoki's shit music that will have poorly done step charts and goofy childish visuals.

I SWEAR TO GOD. I mean, come on, Konami has the nerve to sue Roxorgames, then Roxorgames just gives up and says, ok buy us, we don't care anymore.
Konami doesn't know completetion when it hits them, instead, they sue cause, there can't be a game like theirs. DDR just sucks now. Because they use all recycled stuff, they don't make changes to step charts, when the fans wish it. They don't do anything but make something and throw it out there, EXPECTING us to like it.

Well Konami, you offically suck, and I'm not sure I wanna play your games now.
I hope you lose money. And it would've been nice if Konami would let Roxorgames finish ITG3 at least. But, nope, ITG3 is now over and will be out period. And if it did come, expect Naoki's many names on there with music that all sound the same and have terrible charts that aren't fun period.

RIP In The Groove. For I will always play you, and you had many fans. And Roxorgames, Thanks for just making this game. You did what Konami doesn't like doing, you listen to the fans, you become part of the community so you can listen and read the forums and just see what us fans want out of a DDR based game.

Now I just wanna go play ITG more now, and more then ever before.
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5 Years Today! [Sep. 11th, 2006|09:25 am]
Wow...its been 5 years since the 9/11 deal.

Seriously guys...don't ever forget. Whether your from another country.
These terrorists did an awful thing, which they thought would get them lots of praise...which they did in the middle east countries that hate the US. But what they did was unthinkable and stupid.

May we never forget those who parished and gave up their lives to make an effort to save others from the WTC buildings and the Pentagon. And flight 93(I think I'm right) for the people who took a heroic action to foil the planned attack on the white house.

And I'm done now.
Posting from school.

Later all and remember

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The FIRST WEEK OF COLLEGE OMG!!!!!1!!! [Aug. 24th, 2006|01:07 am]
[mood |calmcalm]

Yeah...actually its cool.

I like it.

Sooooo I will quickly summerize all my classes

Web Page Authoring
First class on Monday and Wednesday, at 9:25 to 10:40
*getting up and going this early just isn't me...I'm too use to sleeping till 11am or 1pm*
Well, I like it. I've had some experiance in the past at my highschool with web page building...but I'm sure I'll learn more. With only 12 students...yeah...this'll be easy for me too learn.

Principles to Programming
My only night class on Monday.
I like this very much. I'm getting the hang of it...sorta...still need work here and there, but I think I can handle this class well. And for the fact I'm usually on a computer about 90% of my day. This is the class for me.

Algebra Prep aka Intro to Algebra.

I suck at math...but...thats because the teacher I had at my highschool just plain sucked. And she didn't really care about teaching come 6th period.
But...the teacher...name is Bob Young...seriously...makes math freaking awesome...and for once I can say "Math is...fun" (I said that too my mom and she was like whoa...its fun for once and I said said heck yes for once) I guess cause he tends to pun and joke around a lot...too keep the class alive...which is good. Don't want a dead class you know.

Ok...now for the class I'm gonna dred later.
Introduction to Sociology.
Why I chose this I'm not sure. But as far as I can tell...its gonna suck...its gonna be REALLY hard...its gonna make me blow up (ok not really XD).
Basically I can tell that this class will be my hardest and least favorite.
More details soon with this. So...if you see random posts about this class and why I hate it...then ya.

Ok...I'm done here for now...got a busy day ahead of me besides.
And to note a special day.
Its my parents 32nd anniversary. ^.=.^ *Cheers*
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So....weird.... [Aug. 9th, 2006|11:55 pm]
[mood |contemplativeWeird thought.]

Its just so weird, not too have to think about going too grade school anymore.
I mean, I wake up. Go do stuff for my parents, and I see children at school. XD
Life has sure changed after grade school, I no longer have to worry about going too one. I just have to worry about college, which is BCC, and it starts on the 21st for me. I'm sure it'll be a bit or tad bit easier.
And....I still need a job damnit.
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Yeah...I'm here...I didn't die. [Jul. 20th, 2006|02:00 am]
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |What ever Winamp is playing]

Well, looky here. Mr.Dragon well, Mr.Mechviper is still around.

Thats right peeps. I'm still around. Just haven't felt like updating, like I said I was going too do. So what if I want to be lazy, its a free world, well, in most places. Anyways...

Yeah. So can't say much has happened. I'm now single.
My now Ex girlfriend and I just needed to split, cause of different views, as you can say. But really, I don't wish to talk about it, I mean, what I went through, and what she is probally still going still, just says little really, well, I'm not gonna talk about it. So blah too you. I can keep this private as long as I wish too.

Well, besides the breakup, other things have been going on as well.
I'm all set for my first ever term in college, well, at a community college.
What I'm doing there, my first term, is this
Web Page Designing/Building/whatever you wanna call it
Principles to Programming (its way basic obviously)
Introduction to Algebra ( I suck at math, but I hope to change that)
And something with socialogy (however you spell it)

Well thats what I'll be looking at doing at my locate community college, known as BCC or Brevard Community College, for those who don't know.

Also awaiting $$$ Aid as well.

Now too land myself a job, can't say I've had much luck there. I'm trying hard to get one, but haven't had luck with it. I might just find out info on this arcade that will be opening soon by me, so yeah. Might try there if lucky.

And for those who have my AIM name, MechwarriorViper, the reason WHY I've been offline for the past 2 weeks or so, is that,
1. I need time away, really. I do nothing but sit in front of this computer, and such, I need too take a long time off really.
2. It was basically eating my life. Now that I've taken time away, I've done more things. Yay for that one.
3. I just needed to get off, period, and for awhile.

I will however be on someday again, its not like I hate using it, or just felt that it was the center of my whole life. So anyone who feels that they wanted to talk, and not be harsh, but, sorry, I choose to do this, kinda like homebound rehab.

Anyways, now to conclude this.
I'm still at it with art, well, sorta, I was on hold for a bit, but, I picked up that pencil and/or tablet pen, and started again. Of course my art sucks, but I'll work on making it better.

Well, I'm done, later all.
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Well, its offical, I'm offically done with highschool. [May. 25th, 2006|01:26 am]
[mood |crazycrazy]

Well, it just seems like yesturday, when I was in kindergarden, now up to 12th grade, and will now be a highschool graduate. Damn, I feel proud.
Well, I had a worry of math getting the way, my school is very strict, I go to a private school, so yeah. Gotta get your money's worth.
Well, finally my math semester grade was put up my online grade checker, and I passed, with a 65%, good enough for me, but I did pass. So I win.

I think what'll be hard for me, and leaving my school is leaving the friends I've met overtime while being there.
I know some I will see again. But some are leaving the state, and going off to other places. For me, I'm sitting here. Or whereever my parents go as well, as I don't have any plans to move out till I'm done with college completely.

But, yeah, feels great to be fully done with highschool. Well, I can't fully finished, can I. Friday marks the offical "I'm Done"

Anyways, now that summer vaction has started, I'll be out and about more, looking for a job. And hanging with my friends as always.
Also, gonna kick up my art skill up a noche, I want to get better.

Anywho, just posting something, as my LJ is just slow with updates.
Later all, dragon out.
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