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Late Night posting. [Mar. 26th, 2007|02:39 am]
[mood |awakerandom]
[music |Lagoona - Into My Dreams (original mix)]

hahahaha...seriuosly, why aren't I in bed, meh to much caffine. Gotta love the stuff.
Well, not much going on for me really, just being my lazy old self.

All in all, I'm quite good. Nothing new to really. In some ways, I wonder why I still have a LJ, I guess at some point I'll make use of it. For now, its slow going.

And, I've never heard such AWESOME music in my life. Seriously, go here http://andreasviklund.com/music/lagoona

And DOWNLOAD THEM ALL. Good stuff.

And a fun fact, four of those songs where gonna be on the now killed off ITG3.
Which ones you ask, for those who care,
Into My Dreams (Kaveh Azizi remix)
Hands Up
Be My Friend
Land of Imagination

Seriously awesome music, in my opinion.
Meh anyways, I'm done, watch as I update this in the next 2 or 3 weeks with something completely random.